Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Clay Mask - Avocado & Oatmeal: Review

Freeman Facial Clay Mask, Avacado & Oatmeal

Hello everyone!

This summer I made a goal for myself to try to find and maintain a good, simple skincare routine. So, as a part of that routine, I have been using the Freeman Avocado & Oatmeal Clay Mask. I have used this product off an on for several years, but this summer I have really been enjoying it. I purchased mine at Ulta for only $3.99 which is so inexpensive for such a large amount of a great product! Currently, I use this product once or twice a week when I feel that my skin needs to be "purified" from excess oil and product build-up. Aside from using this product in a regular skincare routine, I also think this would be a great mask to use on a girls night, a sleepover, or when on vacation.

Here are some of my pros and cons:

  1. Leaves your skin so incredibly smooth
  2. Not harsh or drying to the skin
  3. For me, it has actually lessened some of my breakouts and evened-out my skin tone!
  4. The smell is unique, but really good in my opinion
  5. (Bonus pro): It's green! (for me this is a plus since it kind of reminds me of those movies where the girl comes out of the bathroom and scares her brother as she rolls her eyes because he "just doesn't understand the importance of a girl's beauty routine").
  1. Sometimes it takes a bit longer than I would like for it to completely rinse off. But if that happens, I just use a washcloth to easily remove the excess residue.

The Process:
  1. First, I pull my hair back with a headband. 
  2. Next, I use my Cetaphil cleanser (love this stuff) and make sure to remove all of my makeup. 
  3. Once my makeup is off, I dispense about a penny-size amount onto my hand and smooth it across my face, making sure that there isn't any skin peeking through (this is the fun part: hello green skin! :p).
  4. I wait for it to dry for about ten minutes (for me, this means time to crank up the music and have a solo dance party!).
  5. After the mask dries, it's time to wash it off (you know it's time when it feels tingly and you can barely smile...a feeling that I love for some reason...). I splash water on my face several times until it all comes off, and sometimes I use a wet, warm washcloth to remove the excess.
  6. I follow up by patting my face dry with a towel and voila! I have clean, soft, smooth, purified skin!
  7. (Sometimes I apply a bit of moisturizer afterwards, but you could skip this step).

Final Thoughts: Overall, I think this is a great product. What I like most about it is that it doesn't break me out; it actually minimizes my breakouts! The smell is great, and it is just a really fun product to use.

I hope this helped...recently, I also read a beauty book that featured recipes for natural masks using fresh fruit. I didn't have time to read it very thoroughly, but it looks like a great option as well! Maybe I will try some of them out and make a post on how they turned out?

Hope you enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading! Hope your week is going great :)

~foreverfaith <3

P.S. This isn't sponsored :)

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