Monday, December 15, 2014

My Christmas/Winter Wishlist 2014

Christmas Wishlist 2014

Just for fun, I've put together a collection of a few beauty and fashion items I would like to have or will need for the coming winter. The only exact products from this list that I am wanting are the Loreal True Match Super Blendable foundation and the Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser Primer. The other products are not exact (especially considering some of the price tags of these!).

1. Beanie: My coat right now has a hood, but sometimes when it gets super cold outside, my ears and head are still frozen. A beanie like this would really help keep me warm this winter. I think a beanie similar to this one would be really cute!

2. Colored Jeans/Pants: A pair of colored jeans/pants would be very useful. I could wear a pair like this just about anywhere, and I like that they are a lot less casual than a regular pair of denim jeans. I think this color would be great for winter!

3. Sweater: I love sweaters! They keep you warm, and they are usually super comfortable. You can dress them up or down, and are great for a variety of settings. I think this polar bear sweater is just adorable!

4. Loreal True Match Super Blendable foundation: I would love to try this Loreal foundation. There is such a wide variety of shades in the line, which I think is awesome. Also, the phrase "Super Blendable" sounds good to me, since my skin is very dry. I'm also almost out of my Revlon ColorStay foundation. I've heard good things about this so far, so we'll see how it turns out!

5. Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser Primer: Anything to make my makeup glide on easier is right up my alley. I've also heard that this is similar to the Porefessional Primer by Benefit (though probably not as good). The price tag is definitely more appealing to me! I'm interested to try this product out eventually.

6. Combat Boots: Right now I am super into boots in general, but especially brown combat boots similar to this pair. I think they could go with so many outfits. They seem like they would be so effortless to style.

7. Snow/Rain Boots: I currently do not have a pair of rain boots or snow boots, so I think a pair similar to this pair would be super useful for the snow and rain! Right now my feet get very cold and my shoes get slowly ruined because I don't have the right kind of shoes for the weather. I think a pair of snow and/or rain boots are definitely in order!

8. Black Dress Heels: I also do not own a pair of closed-toe black dress heels. A pair of classy black heels similar to these would be very good for things like church or professional/formal events. 

This post was fun to make, and I hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Good to me

Life is so busy right now. Probably the busiest it has ever been. It’s a challenge trying to get through this time in my life, but I am making it. Almost every day I wake up exhausted. Also, this year my allergies have been bothering me. My eyes are puffy and itchy, and I have hay fever-like symptoms, which isn’t very fun, of course. Even though it’s difficult, I am surviving. I would never make it without Jesus. I literally would not be able to get through each day without Him. I thank Him every day for helping me and for giving me His strength when I don’t have enough.

“I put all my hope on the truth of Your promise. I steady my heart on the ground of Your goodness. You are good to me. Good to me. ” -Audrey Assad

Monday, July 28, 2014


When the world around you is tumultuous, go to Him. Don't rely on your own strength, your own ideas, or your own plans. Go to Him.

This is the song I listen to when I need to focus on God and not on myself or my circumstances. It reminds me to trust Him. It reminds me to not doubt Him and to turn to Him when I am facing something difficult or confusing. It reminds me that He really is everything. Everything in this world pales in comparison to Him. He is the only One that matters and is the only One to turn to for a life worth living for. I know what it's like living a life not completely surrendered to God. It felt like I was just wandering and floating aimlessly through life. I felt like I didn't have a purpose. My life felt meaningless. I was empty and searching for more. He was (and still is) the only One that changed that. I sought after Him and He changed me. He is the only One that gave me lasting purpose, direction, security, safety, acceptance, hope, and love.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Revlon Lash Potion Waterproof Mascara Review

Revlon Lash Potion (Waterproof) Mascara

This product is the first mascara by Revlon that I have ever tried, and I have to say I am impressed. The previous mascara I used was the Volume Express The Falsies Big Eyes Waterproof mascara (wow that's a long name!) by Maybelline. I liked the way it made my lashes look, but for some reason it seemed to irritate my eyes. I noticed that every time I wore it, my eyelids were itchy and puffy and just did not feel right at all. Maybe I was allergic to it. I was really sad that I had to give it up, since it seemed to make my lashes look just the way I wanted them to. When I picked up this Revlon Lash Potion Mascara, I had no idea what to expect. I had never really heard anything about Revlon mascaras.

But as I said, I am very happy with how this mascara goes on and the way it makes my lashes look. In my opinion, it is similar to the mascara by Maybelline that I mentioned earlier, only better. It really lengthens my lashes, which is one of the main things I like in a mascara. It also gives my lashes about a medium thickness with one coat. It could probably provide more thickness with several coats, but I usually only do about one coat since I like more natural looking eyelashes. I don't want them to be too thick or clumpy, but just an enhanced version of how they already look. At first it can be a tiny bit clumpy, but then it is brushed out very quickly and easily. This mascara lasts a long time and I get virtually no fallout throughout the day, if any at all. This does means it is a bit difficult to get off at the end of the day. I always use eye makeup remover every night to take it off. I also think the formula is relatively wet, but not too wet when it is being applied. Maybe I just haven't tried other super fantastic mascaras out there, but compared to the mascaras I have tried before (Maybelline, Covergirl, and Rimmel London), this has probably been the best one I have tried so far. Have you tried this mascara? How does it work for you?


Length: 4.5/5

Volume: 4/5

Lasting Power: 5/5

Consistency: Relatively wet

Amount of Fallout: Virtually none

Amount of "clumpiness": Virtually none

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring Thinking

I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted on here! So much has happened since the fall. For one, there was snow. A LOT of snow. Normally, I don't mind the snow. I even like the snow. Especially around the holidays. But then the holidays were over. And the snow didn't stop. For a looong time. I was actually at the point where it was just not making me very happy. But then the snow started melting and I saw the grass again which felt like such a blessing! (As dramatic as that may sound lol). And of course a few days later there was yet another snow storm. Haha. And that process happened a few more times. But we have been snow-free for a little while now which really makes me happy. And I am so happy that spring started a few days ago! I am so excited for warmer weather and bright, pastel colors.

I have also loved growing in my walk with God. :) One of the things I have learned about is reading the Bible. When I read the Bible in the past, I often just read through a certain section and then that was it. But I have realized how important and amazing it is not only to just read through the Word, but to study it. To not only process the words briefly, but to think about what they mean for more than just a second. To relate what I am reading to other Bible verses, songs, and to look up different versions of the same text. To read commentaries and even look up some words in the dictionary. Doing this has made such a difference in getting to know God more than I had before. I have also been making it a priority this month to consistently study the Bible, and I have learned that quality is more important than quantity. I actually tried starting a one-year plan in January, but for me, I wasn't remembering what I was reading because I was reading a lot of text each night. I definitely think it is more important to get something out of what you read than to only read it to reach a quota each day.

All in all I have realized that it is amazing what God will show you if you study His word. He has given us such a wonderful thing. The Bible is here to help us, teach us, and make our lives fulfilling and worth living. It is here to help us get to know who God is. Because that is what he yearns for. For us to want to get to know Him and for us to grow closer to Him. And all we have to do is take some time to open it up, read, study, and listen to what His Spirit has to say. It's not even a difficult thing to do. I don't want to be lazy in my relationship with Him, the most important relationship in my life. One thing I want to do is make sure I don't waste the life He died to give me. Building the habit of reading and studying His Word has been such a wonderful experience.

And now I just have to share this beautiful song. It's simple, very calming, and just reassuring. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. :) I hope you have a wonderful week and thanks for reading! <3