Monday, July 8, 2013

Take a Chance

I built my fences too high.

Had nowhere to go.

No one could get inside.

I was alone.

I dug my trenches too deep.

I couldn't see the sky.

Then I came alive.

Oh I finally found a way. To open up and say...

I wanna let you in.

I've kept you on the outside such a very long time. 

But now I see what I've been missin'. All this time I've took second guessin'. 

Now I need...

To take a chance on me.

I didn't wanna be tied down,

But now I see not being tied down ain't the same as being free

Ooh you set me free.

No one is an island.

No point in acting tough.

We all need someone to make us smile.

To make us cry.

To make us love!

Now I see.

All I need...

To take a chance on me.

-These are some of the lyrics from Landon Pigg's song "Take a Chance." When I listened to this song today the lyrics really hit me and I could definitely relate to them.

Sometimes we can be afraid to let people in. We put up our guard because we are afraid of getting hurt. I know it can be difficult when people have hurt us in the past. We may think, "How can I step out when I have stayed protected behind these walls for so long?" But staying inside never lets us see the outside. Most importantly, God doesn't want us to always stay inside. He doesn't want us to always stand so firm behind the walls we put up. If we never step outside our comfort zone and never let people in, how can we show Him to others? How can we truly let people see how He has changed us? That's not to say we should let people walk all over us and use us all the time. But we don't want to be so scared and reserved that we don't take a chance and believe that there are people out there who can be a good friend or a good significant other. Yes, it's true that sometimes we will get hurt...that's life, unfortunately. But God promises that He will still be there guiding us and helping us. He is ultimately in control and has a plan for our lives. He will bring the right people into our lives in His time. We just have to be willing to be open to that plan. We have to believe in ourselves and step out, take a chance, and start living instead of shrinking down and being so insecure all the time. We have to let others in sometimes. And then trust God to take care of the rest. :)

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful week!

~foreverfaith <3

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