Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer 2013 Polka Dots: Inspiration Outfit and Makeup

Summer Polka Dots Outfit

Hollister Co. embroidered shirt / Topshop vintage jean shorts / Joe's Jeans cross sandals / Wet Seal hobo handbag / Kate Spade bow bangle / Kate Spade earrings / 80s fashion sunglasses / Christian Dior peacock eye makeup / Kat Von D eye pencil / Butter London nail polish

Hello everyone!

For today's beauty/fashion post I have a look with some of my current favorite clothing items, makeup, and accessories. These types of items are definitely on my summer wishlist right now. :) I especially love the cute polka dot tie top, the high waisted shorts, the fringe bag, and the circle sunglasses ( I guess that's pretty much the whole outfit haha). I would love wearing an outfit like this for going shopping or getting ice cream this summer. 

Another thing that I want to try this summer is eye makeup that is in the blue/turquoise color range. Up to this point, I have been pretty scared of wearing such a bright, unnatural color on my eyes. I usually love sticking to my natural eye colors. But recently I have seen a few beauty videos using blue eye makeup on YouTube that I liked. I don't think I would wear it every day, but I think it would be fun every once in a while with the right makeup look and outfit. :) I think I might just start out with eye liner or eye shadow that acts as eye liner on my bottom lash line. Also, when I created this look I guess I forgot to look at the price of the eyeshadow palette I used (haha). Actually, most of the items I used are pretty expensive haha! Oops. Oh well, that's is why it's an inspiration outfit, I suppose. ;) I will be on the lookout for some less expensive versions of these items. :)

Do you like bright eye shadow or eye liner? If so, how do you wear it or how would you wear it?

Thanks so much for reading my post. :) Have an awesome rest of the week!

-foreverfaith <3

P.S. This isn't sponsored :)

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