Monday, June 10, 2013

A Summer Breakthrough with Britt Nicole: Music Monday

Hello Everyone!

Today I have a review of another awesome Christian/Pop artist, Britt Nicole. When I think of Britt's music, I think of one word: encouragement. Along with the catchy melodies and fun beats, she isn't afraid to sing about the reality of life's rough spots. She writes about real struggles and real life messages. But what's even better is that she sings about what can follow those rough spots: the reality that if you trust in God, He will carry you through and will make you stronger than you were before. Britt's music reminds you of the reality that it gets better, that you will make it, and that you are loved. Her music reminds you that when you surrender to Him, you really are more than a conqueror.

Britt's newest album, "Gold," is the perfect summer playlist with an awesome mixture of songs about strong faith and songs with a really fun, catchy sound.

Here are some of my favorite songs from her newest album, "Gold":

1) Who You Say You Are
2) Stand
3) Still That Girl
4) All This Time

Here are some of my other favorite songs by Britt Nicole:

1) Hanging On
2) You
3) Say It
4) Don't Worry Now
5) Have Your Way

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. :) I also recently made a fashion set on Polyvore inspired by Britt Nicole that I thought I might as well share. I had so much fun with the bright colors. And these photos are so cool!:

Who You Say You Are

This week's video is a lyric video to my current favorite song by Britt called, "Who You Say You Are."

Hope your week is filled with encouragement and reassurance! :) "See you" with another post Wednesday :)

-foreverfaith <3

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